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Products for building muscle should be selected very seriously

Canned food, sausages and similar products should not be trusted, as they have little protein, but much more fat than is necessary. Dietitians been found that the rate of metabolism in the morning is higher and during the second half of the day, it declines. Therefore, 70% of the diet should be consumed during the day, besides, half of this, up to thirteen hours a day, and make the last meal no later than 19 hours. We should not forget that the longer products amenable to heat treatment, the more nutrients they lose. It is recommended not to eat meat with burnt crust, which also permeated burnt fat.

The most optimal option – is to use a microwave oven. Products should be selected very seriously, because we need only fresh products. In the stomach the food should reach thoroughly crushed, it has a strong influence on its acquisition. Dentists say that eating spoiled teeth affects the assimilation of 20-30%. Seriously consider the health of your teeth.  http://health.reviewship.com/visual-impact-muscle-building-review/

Do not make any restrictions on drinking, but need to know what to drink and know how to drink. Due to lack of water in the body, blood can become thicker and with difficulty, passing through thin capillaries, enter the muscle. But at the same time in any case do not need to wash down the food as gastric juice diluted with water, because of deteriorating digestion. , Use only clean water.


We need to clearly know about muscle building

We need to clearly know – what to eat and when to eat. Even if you eat very abundant, it is not strange; it is likely a lack of nutrients. This is due to the fact that our bodies get something already processed foods, for example, after canning, freezing, etc. nutrients are destroyed. We eat normal food, and the muscles do not have enough nutrients and they do not grow.

In this situation, you might come to the aid of supplements. But there is also a danger that concerns digestion. Physiologists have found that the optimal nutrition strictly obeyed the rules and if we neglect these rules, it can cause failure of muscle recovery. Eat properly – simple, but often the simplest way out the hardest – Catching bodybuilding nutrition abide by the rules is very easy, but such compliance makes a person to obey a rigid frame mode, and this just requires strength of character, which is not all that much. http://health.reviewship.com/visual-impact-muscle-building-review/

Eat the only one meat – is meaningless, because the body can only digest proteins and carbohydrates. Need to eat meat with garnish (races, pasta, potatoes), then garnish must be two or even three times more than the meat. You can see the references in that chicken holds first place in the utility, however, do not need from day to eat only chicken meat in it does not have all the essential amino acids. It is recommended every day to change their meat diet.

The role of protein complex in muscle building

protein complex in muscle buildingVisual Impact Muscle Building Scam – Protein complex saves us from such risks, but in return you get a bit of energy and, and as mentioned above, without the normal energy transfer all incoming protein is not useful, because muscles will not recover properly. Protein v/s Gainer – To understand the difference of these additives is sufficient to give a simple analogy: protein – a hammer, a gainer – sledgehammer. Agree lethal force second tool is several times greater than the first, but at the same time in every house there is a hammer.

Both items perform one function, but the hammer has a point, so to speak – the impact blow. Protein helps only under certain conditions – normal availability of energy. You must use a lot of natural sources of carbohydrates, trying to satisfy the daily calories. In this situation, usually, the stomach is no place for the protein, more specifically to their desired amount. Here to help may come in the face of the protein supplement. If the diet is poor, then one protein issue cannot be solved.  find more tips here

Body needs all the micro and macronutrients. Then you need a more powerful punch – gainer. Only this supplement will help move the weight from their seats. It makes no sense to drink whey protein isolate immediately after training in the time when the daily amount of calories does not even reach the minimum.

What is the gainer and protein

gainer and proteinVisual Impact Muscle Building Scam – Let’s start with the basic theory. What is the gainer and protein? This two sports supplements, calculated on weight. In the first case we have a mix of carbohydrates and proteins, and single serving’s adequate gainer offers us about 50 g proteins and 90-120g – carbohydrates. At the same time, the whey protein, and any other additives have a relatively sparse single dose – no more 30ti gram, wherein from zero carbohydrate. It would seem, why do we need carbohydrates?

Many athletes believe that the required amount of energy can be easily obtained by using natural products, but it is not so. Often novice bodybuilders do not eat even the minimum amount of calories per day. All this leads to a complete lack of progress. It’s no secret that for muscle growth needed positive energy exchange, i.e. – You have to eat more than you spend. Only under such conditions will be restored muscle fibers, and hence – to grow.  doctors tell this way

That’s why gainer so popular among athletes, especially – the Ectomorphs who cannot bring themselves to eat 2-3 “unnecessary” portions of food. However, this energy mix is the flip side of the coin. As a rule, the gainer includes simple carbohydrates with high glycemic index, which means that you have the chance to simply swim away fat. Certainly welcome gainer immediately after the training pays off, because in this period of time the body in the long run anyway you close carbohydrate window at the same time, the portion of such supplements at bedtime can turn you into a barrel swim.

Pushing the dumbbells

Pushing the dumbbellsVisual Impact Muscle Building Scam – Board of Intermediate Fundamentals already know Now it can complicate the endless playing with pace on complex movements. When you do this, your exercises will be more stimulating and interesting. For example: Give yourself three to twelve squats. During the first four repetitions let you pause at the bottom, more than four times descend five seconds to complete a series of four normal repetitions. Or to put thirty pull ups.

The first five repetitions performed with a 3-second pause at the top of a 3-second eccentric part of the movement, the other five do explosively. Create a good third power base Council for Newbie’s: Great legs do not create a squatting 60 pounds a large chest pushing pink dumbbells. Nobody, of course, born with bench 230 pounds or squat 320 – Such power takes a little time.  check the following post

Assuming that you have a good technique, you need to do your workouts include some lower reps and heavier weights? For example, 10 sets of 3-4 reps of squats or 8 series after 5 In other words, force builds high weight, low reps and plenty of series. The minimum requirement for a beginner is its own weight (for an intermediate then double body weight).

Heavy repetition in workout

Heavy repetition in workoutVisual Impact Muscle Building Scam – Do not kill the first week. This plan works because volume. There is no need to do for the first week 250 pull-ups. If every week does not improve the number of times you started too fast. – Outside the challenge to failure. – Do not exercise on this diet with low carbohydrate or high caloric deficit. Muscles do not build when you’re hungry or you lack the basic anabolic nutrients.

Phase II Timeframe: Four weeks Method: Heavy repetition After four weeks training program aimed replace the power Next month, perform the following: Step 1: Determine the maximum at 6 reps with a load chin. Other words, add weights to your belt, vest or hold the dumbbell or disc between the legs. Step 2: Each workout make a total of 25 repetitions so that the place with that many sets maximum weight for six reps. Matter how many sets it takes you, and at the end you can still practice twos or ones.  alternative solutions

Your total 25 reps might look like this: Series 1: 6 reps Series 2: 6 reps Series 3: 5 reps Series 4: 4 reps Series 5: 2 reps Series 6: 2 reps This is just an example. Everyone will have differently. Just do 25 repetitions with its highs for the sixth rest between sets as needed. It’s not a race.

Training during the period

Training during the periodVisual Impact Muscle Building Scam – I agree strongly with this second option (because now I have creating, and gather slowly still), but it was creating, which made me quite consistently hold menu, the psychological support of almost shrouded in myths creative mention. Training during the period It occurred to me that I did not describe their trainings during period. If I write briefly (potential candidates can tell a detailed training schedule) then you should know that I practiced every other day.

Game I had broken so I went chest + triceps, back + biceps, legs, shoulders. I practiced the basic exercises, the axis of each workout was squats, dead lifts, bench press and pressures. For every game I practiced three exercises for 5 series, the most difficult to get to 1-2 reps that I gave myself a roughly 1-2 forced reps with help sparring. Sometimes we went negative repetition and deleting series.  check the advantages

Training time of 50-70 minutes. Since I’m into the issue of strengthening in recent months, I got quite a renunciation after about three months the results are quite easy to see, and I become a role model for others. It may sound a bit exaggerated, but trust me – it is. I can feel it and not ashamed of it, that brings me to a pleasant feeling.