Products for building muscle should be selected very seriously

Canned food, sausages and similar products should not be trusted, as they have little protein, but much more fat than is necessary. Dietitians been found that the rate of metabolism in the morning is higher and during the second half of the day, it declines. Therefore, 70% of the diet should be consumed during the day, besides, half of this, up to thirteen hours a day, and make the last meal no later than 19 hours. We should not forget that the longer products amenable to heat treatment, the more nutrients they lose. It is recommended not to eat meat with burnt crust, which also permeated burnt fat.

The most optimal option – is to use a microwave oven. Products should be selected very seriously, because we need only fresh products. In the stomach the food should reach thoroughly crushed, it has a strong influence on its acquisition. Dentists say that eating spoiled teeth affects the assimilation of 20-30%. Seriously consider the health of your teeth.

Do not make any restrictions on drinking, but need to know what to drink and know how to drink. Due to lack of water in the body, blood can become thicker and with difficulty, passing through thin capillaries, enter the muscle. But at the same time in any case do not need to wash down the food as gastric juice diluted with water, because of deteriorating digestion. , Use only clean water.


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